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Eminem Fantasizes About Killing Trump Supporters In His Predictably Violent ‘Campaign Speech’

The eight-minute track is apparently a teaser for his next album

Eminem is back again, and he has a lot to say about everything that's been going on in the world since we last heard from him.

In what might be the first track from his goth era, Marshall Mathers unloads eight minutes of rhymes over a barely-there industrial beat. He name-drops Trayvon Martin, fantasizes about running over Dylann Roof, threatens to drown Trump supporters, and shares some predictably disturbing sexual fantasies while he's at it.

Eminem also disclosed that he's been working on an album, the follow-up to 2013's Marshall Mathers LP 2. It's not clear yet if "Campaign Speech" will appear on his next LP, but it's a substantial offering of Shady rhymes all on its own.