Real World Unrest: Will Kimberly Or Anna Stir Up The Most Trouble?

Everyone’s got 'bad blood' coming, but two beta-housemates stood out from the crowd

They say the first cut is the deepest, but when the second is televised for the world to see, the adage might require some amending.

On tonight’s Real World episode, Seattle’s newest seven tenants felt anxieties mount and feared — in keeping with the show’s recent seasons — that ghosts from their pasts would soon manifest. And they had every reason to be on edge: While they were still finding their footing around the Pacific Northwest, production had a trick up its sleeve…or seven, to be more specific.

A few hundred miles north in Portland, the minds behind the show collected the original cast’s worst enemies, respectively, under the pretense that each had been cast for a brand-new MTV show. Eventually, though, Real World fat cats came clean and told the group that after a brief road trip, they’d move into the same house that was hosting bitter exes, scorned family members and one particularly cutting high school bully.

Yes, each alpha housemate had reason to be afraid, but two, in particular, seemed to be in for a more severe category of shock.

Long before a twist seemed like plausible concern, Katrina shared chilling stories of fights with her sister Anna which once amounted to police intervention. Katrina doubled down on the sisters’ tumultuous relationship, explaining that it found roots in childhood, when Anna would step on Katrina’s toes. Since then, the two have struggled to find any sort of diplomacy in their relationship.

“She likes to pick the scab; I like to let the scab heal and move on,” Katrina said. “You know when you see a relationship and they go at it so bad you think they’re gonna kill each other? That’s how it was.”

Anna claimed Katrina was to blame for the sisters’ discord and said Katrina moved out of their shared apartment — more than once — without any sort of notice.

“Probably our biggest issue is that we’ll say things ... and we’ll hurt each other,” Anna said. “She has to hurt me in every way, deep, and say horrible, awful things in order to cut at me deep.”

And harsh words were also the catalyst to Tyara’s issues with high school frenemy Kimberly, whom Tyara accused of bullying her via social media.

“She’s a f---ing bitch. She's mean,” Tyara said of her suspected guest, as she and Robbie tried to guess who might soon invade the house. “I hate that bitch. She went around the school and told everyone I had my ass done…She’s the type of girl who’s gorgeous, and she knows she’s gorgeous. So she’s going to treat everyone like they’re f---ing peasants.”

Kimberly, on the other hand, insisted that her feud with Tyara was Tyara’s fault and said she simply couldn’t get past Tyara’s many affectations. She told the new group of beta-roommates she and Tyara went to the same high school in Georgia and that Tyara invited mockery by posing as someone she wasn’t.

“Shut the f--- up -- my English accent is better than hers,” Kimberly said before contriving a mocking cockney. “So if she wants to go tit for tat, we can go tit for tat, you know what I mean?”

So, when it comes to this season’s twist, who do you think will prove to be Seattle’s biggest liability? Share your thoughts, and be sure to tune in to a brand-new Real World next Wednesday at 10/9c to see how the new group of 14 handles the bad-blood twist.