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Listen Up, Ladies: Heidi Montag Has An Inspirational Message For You

The ‘Hills’ star is speaking out about her personal pregnancy setbacks

It's been nearly a decade since Heidi Montag's infamous Hills faux pregnancy — and for the foreseeable future, Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Pratt will remain sans baby. While the 30-year-old has always been open about her desire to have tiny Speidis, Heidi is opening up about what advice she would give to other women who might find themselves in a similar position of wanting to add to their brood but the timing isn't necessarily best.

"I really want to encourage women out there to have the power of prayer and to prioritize your husband and what he says," the Colorado native reveals in the Faithwire video above. "I think it is really important to want to have kids together. It is a partnership — marriage is not just your own life anymore. It's both of you. And you want that great family unit — that's such a priority for us in this world. So women out there, I want to encourage you."

She continues, while directly addressing the creator of the universe: "God knows the desires of your heart — he has plans to prosper you. ... Just keep up the great work, women. You are amazing. You do so much out there. Love yourself through it. Be compassionate, be supportive and delight yourself in the Lord — and he will give you the desires of your heart."

Ladies, what do you think of Heidi's message? Sound off in the comments — and, just because, relive that iconic aforementioned Hills scene in the clip below.