Surprise, Bitch: Lady Gaga Is The OG Supreme On American Horror Story

Ryan Murphy confirms that ‘AHS’ will return to ‘Coven’ in a major way

Oh my Gaga: Lady Gaga's bedraggled, immortal druid is more important than you, or I, or Cricket the crazy-ass medium could have ever imagined. Well, OK, maybe Cricket did imagine it.

Co-creator Ryan Murphy confirmed to TVLine that Gaga's woodland witch is actually "the Original Supreme." She's the OG. The "bitch with the real power," as Cricket once said. Now, faithful American Horror Story fans know that the Supreme was the name given to the head witch in Coven. This is a huge deal.


It's unclear how much of Gaga's story will play out during Roanoke, given that the season will shift focus in "Chapter Six," but it sounds like the OG Supreme will play a larger part in the seasons to come. Murphy added that he plans to bring the character back in a future AHS season that will "return to Coven."

However, it's likely that Gaga will drop her reenactment character in the second half of Roanoke, so is Gaga the real OG Supreme, or does that title belong to a new face? Only time will tell.

And if you're as tired of the secrets and lies as I am, don't worry: Murphy confirmed that next season of American Horror Story won’t be shrouded in mystery. "We're going to announce [the premise] in the spring," he said. "We’re not doing a secrecy thing, but [next season] does have a big hook behind it." According to Murphy, it involves several Freak Show characters — and maybe a tie to Coven? Who knows.