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Obama’s Workout Playlist Is Peak ‘Cool Dad’

He listens to Beyoncé at the gym, just like everyone else

President Barack Obama is a sucker for a good playlist. Two months after sharing his pair of summer playlists (one for day and one for night — seriously, Barry would’ve been that boy in high school who gave you mix tapes on the reg), he’s back with his go-to workout jams.

Obama’s eclectic 10-song playlist, which he shared in the November issue of Wired, includes both classic standards and current faves. There’s Beyoncé’s “Get Me Bodied,” because no workout playlist is complete without Bey, while Courtney Barnett’s “Elevator Operator” supplies some “cool dad” indie credit. But there are some head-scratchers as well, like Jay Z and Drake’s “Off That” (that’s C-list Hova, admit it) and Black Eyed Peas’s “Let’s Get It Started.” Hey, even cool dads pick duds sometimes.

Check out Obama’s full workout playlist below, via Spotify.