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12 Times Rihanna Dressed Like The Baddest Bitch In The Boardroom

Welcome to Banana Rihpublic, no khakis allowed

By Gabby Noone

Rihanna may be a boss of all trades, but she'll never hide her international pop star status behind boring office clothes. The singer has managed to turn business casual into an art form by regularly sporting suits of all shapes and sizes. Important to note: unlike the average businessperson, she never has to worry about transitioning her clothes from day to night. When you’re Rihanna, you’re a boss 24/7; she's basically living in a real-life rihboot of Working Girl entitled Working Gal.

  1. Glam Anchorwoman

    Rihanna appeared on Good Morning America in 2014 wearing a vintage '90s Chanel micro-mini skirt suit.

  2. Scandal Roleplay

    Rihanna could not resist a little Scandal roleplay while visiting the White House in 2014. While the shape of her Stella Jean dress is Olivia Pope–level conservative, the print is anything but boring.

  3. Working Gal
    Jon Kopaloff / Contributor

    Webster’s Dictionary defines the word “iconic” as Rihanna in a pink gingham Altuzarra skirt suit, telling a reporter who asked her if she ever wants to have kids, “I’ve got tons of work to do, honey.”

  4. Suited Up
    Michael Tran / Contributor

    Rihanna showed up to the 57th Grammy Awards in an enormous Giambatista Valli pink tulle gown, but when it came time for her to perform with Paul McCartney and Kanye West, she pared down to an androgynous Maison Margiela couture suit. Truly a girl who can do both.

  5. Miniskirt Mogul
    Kevin Mazur / Contributor

    At the launch of Tidal, Rihanna announced her role as tech startup co-owner while wearing a Dior mini-skirt suit. The tweed mini is to Rihanna what a black turtleneck and jeans was to Steve Jobs.

  6. Bitch Better Have My Formal Shorts
    Michael Tran / Contributor

    Even though Rihanna wasn’t allowed to throw her stack of cash into the audience at the BET awards, that didn’t stop her from looking like a million bucks in a silk Armani shorts suit.

  7. Elegant Commuter

    Looking like the world’s most elegant commuter, Rihanna paired bedazzled Dior sneakers with yet another pink gingham suit.

  8. High-Powered 1980s Businesswoman
    Steve Granitz / Contributor

    Thierry Mugler is known for creating bold clothes for the high-powered 1980s businesswoman. Of course a mogul like Rihanna would wear vintage Mugler to the 2016 Billboard Music Awards.

  9. Art Star

    Like the rest of us, Rihanna carved time out of her busy schedule to visit a giant art installation created in her likeness while wearing a neon green Vetements mini-skirt suit.

  10. Romping Her Way To The Top
    Kevin Mazur / Contributor

    At this year’s Global Citizen Festival, Rihanna paired a blazer by up-and-coming designer Snow Xue Gao with a coordinating romper by Adam Selman.

    Kevin Mazur / Contributor

    Before this moment, was a business romper a thing? Or did Rihanna invent it?

  11. From The Boardroom to The Basketball Court
    Raymond Hall / Contributor

    With a look suited for both the boardroom and the basketball court, Rihanna paired tearaway pants from her own Fenty Puma line with a Vetements blazer.

  12. A Blazer Bigger Than The Beatles
    MJ Kim/MPL Communications Ltd / Contributor

    Rihanna reunited with Paul McCartney for a performance at the Desert Trip Music Festival last weekend while wearing an oversized pinstripe suit by Jacquemas. This wardrobe decision was possibly an homage to the suit she wore when they last performed together at the Grammy’s.