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Shawn Mendes Is John Mayer’s Mini-Me While Covering ‘Dreaming With A Broken Heart’

Warning: This might actually break your heart 💔

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Shawn Mendes is basically John Mayer’s mini-me. Mayer’s influence was all over the Canadian crooner’s sophomore album, Illuminate, and now it’s all over Mendes’s Instagram, too.

Last night (October 17), the 18-year-old decided to shatter hearts all over the world by posting a clip of him covering Mayer’s “Dreaming With a Broken Heart,” from 2006’s Continuum. “My favourite lyrics of all time,” he wrote by way of introduction. The vid cuts off right after the first verse, but that’s probably for the best, TBH ... too much more would’ve required us to take a personal health day.

Mendes’s adoration for Mayer is well-documented by now — he routinely cited Mayer as his musical hero during Illuminate’s promotional campaign, and told The Fader they’ve even struck up a friendship. “We're actually getting to be really good friends, which is amazing for someone like me. He’s my idol, musically,” Mendes said. “He gave me a guitar, and that’s the guitar I’m playing ‘Ruin’ on.” (#CelebIdolGoals, am I right?)

Anyway, seemingly inspired by his own dreamy cover, Mendes followed up with another Instagram vid featuring a brand-new song. “This is the song writing process for me,” he wrote in the caption. “Some chords, melodies and random words that make no sense put together for a while until you find what you want to say from within the music.” With aching lyrics like “Honestly I could not go without you by my side,” we’ll file this piano ballad under “songs that prove Shawn needs a hug.”