Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Frank Ocean Won’t Be Winning A Grammy In 2017

Missing deadlines? That's classic Frank

Frank Ocean’s sophomore album Blonde was one of the most highly anticipated projects of the last few years, and its arrival in August was met with equal parts ecstasy (because it had been four damn years coming) and relief (because it was entirely worth the wait). Blonde also seemed like a strong contender for the 2017 Grammy Awards, but alas, it’s not. Because it’s not even eligible.

According to Billboard, both Blonde and Ocean’s visual album Endless are disqualified from this year’s Grammys. Despite being released well before the eligibility cutoff date on September 30, a representative for the Grammys confirmed to Billboard that neither were submitted for consideration by Ocean’s label or management. It’s not clear whether the albums were intentionally not submitted or whether it was just an unfortunate oversight.

Ocean’s debut album, Channel Orange, was nominated for six Grammys in 2013 and won two. So it looks like that pair of statues will have to hold Ocean over until the next album cycle... maybe in another four years? Damn... all that strenuous staircase-building for nothing.