Greg Doherty/Getty Images

Charli XCX’s New Single Will Be Every Party Animal’s Anthem

Hear the first snippet of Charli and Lil Yachty’s ‘After the Afterparty’

It’s been almost two years since Charli XCX’s last full-length album, but she’s ready to “vroom vroom” her way back into our lives with a deliriously poppy new single.

The Brit babe has been tapped to host Freeform’s 13 Nights of Halloween (airing October 19–31), during which she’ll premiere her new, Lil Yachty–featuring single, “After the Afterparty.” The first trailer for the spooky holiday special includes a snippet of the song, which finds Charli declaring, “After the afterparty, we’re gonna keep it going,” over bright, sparkly synths.

Charli first announced her new single last week with a few emoji-heavy tweets, teasing the colorful artwork and (possibly R. Kelly–inspired?) lyrics.

“After the Afterparty” is set for release on iTunes on October 28, and will presumably be the first single from Charli’s upcoming third album. She’s been working with producers SOPHIE and Stargate on the LP, which, in an August interview, she said she wanted to make “the best pop album of 2017.” Quite the bold claim, but if anyone can deliver, it’s probably her.