7 Festivities That Would Become Tradition If There Were An Official '420 Day' (Visit From Snoop Dogg Included)

The season finale of 'Mary + Jane' celebrated the fictional holiday in high style (see what we did there?)

Jordan decked the halls with holiday decorations on tonight's Mary + Jane, but the show's season finale wasn't a (really early) Christmas episode.

"It's the most wonderful time of the year," the bud-selling brunette explained to Paige, just before gushing about -- you guessed it -- "420 Day."

So what kind of fun and festivities were included during the holiday that celebrated everything herbal? Here are the top seven:

  1. Ganga Claus

    "If you're good, he comes on 420 morning and brings you presents," Jordan said of St. Nickel bag, who later appeared in the form of -- wait for it -- Snoop Dogg. #AllHailTheKing

  2. Leaving a doob by the chimney

    What, you thought Ganga Claus likes milk and cookies?

  3. Cannabis carolers

    You too can own one of those sweaters!

  4. Holiday shopping deals

    Among the specials being offered in downtown LA: a bikram yoga package for the entire month of April, 4 pizzas for 20 bucks and -- yessssss -- Ben & Jerry's Len & Terry's "Leafy" the Potcake.

  5. Girl Scout cookies ("limited edition 420 variety")

    "They're gluten-free and Paleo," the snack-selling children happily announced. Jordan's response: "Are you f-cking kidding me?"

  6. Holiday films

    Think of it as Miracle on 34th St. with grass: 420 Day stars Susan Sarandon, Whoopi Goldberg, Danny DeVito, Sarah Silverman, Tyrese Gibson, 2Chainz, Willie Nelson and -- the OGs themselves -- Cheech and Chong. *bowing down*

  7. A special tune by Adam Sandler

    He honored turkeys in "The Thanksgiving Song" and gave the entire Jewish faith something to sing courtesy of "The Chanukah Song." It's about time he repped the stoners.

Do you have any ideas that would make 420 Day extra lit? Head to the comments and let us know!