Teen Mom OG Family Matters: Matt Reunites With His Son After A Decade

Amber and her fiancé welcomed the 25-year-old during tonight's episode

Matt's children were unintentionally thrust into the spotlight after Amber's ex Gary brought up claims about the alleged number of offspring the Bostonian fathered. And during tonight's Teen Mom OG episode, viewer's met Matt's son Christopher -- the first time one of his kids has been featured on the long-running series.

A bit of context about the family reunion: The 25-year-old South Dakota native called his dad and revealed he was arguing with his girlfriend non-stop, while adding that he was trying to stay sober but that the fighting wasn't helping with this effort. Matt wanted to help -- and stated that he would buy Chris a ticket to join him and Amber in Los Angeles for an upcoming televised interview with Dr. Drew. Chris graciously accepted the nice offer and, following the cordial phone conversation, Matt opened up about his relationship with his boy.

"We talk a lot, but I haven't seen him in a while," Matt revealed to Amber and Teen Mom OG co-executive producer Kiki, while adding that Chris had recently gone to the press (while under the influence of drugs) bashing his father with the hopes that he would be compensated for the information. "I could have done a better job keeping in contact, and I own that."

From there, Christopher joined the engaged couple in the City of Angels and he was met by a warm reception. The trio then launched into a candid discussion about the past.

"I think people think too much into the situation, like when it comes to me and you," Chris told Matt (as seen in the clip above). "You were never awful at all," he elaborated, adding his regret about going to the press.

What is in store for Matt and Chris' as they spend time together -- and how will their relationship evolve from here? Be sure to keep following their journey every Monday on Teen Mom OG at 9/8c.