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Bruno Mars Sticks To The Vintage Vibe With New Song ‘Chunky’ On SNL

S/O to the "girls with the big ol' hoops"

Bruno Mars is the throwback king, in that he's breathed new life into pop by favoring the beats and brassy flourishes of old-school soul, R&B, funk, and jazz into hits like his collaboration with Mark Ronson, "Uptown Funk."

Now that a new album is on the way, he's clearly embracing that whole "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" thing, because his new single, "Chunky," definitely channeled the grooves of the not-too-distant past on Saturday Night Live last night.

This time, it's less about ’70s sounds and more about working New Jack Swing into a track that still slams in 2016. "Chunky" has Bruno looking for a love that can both sport some "big ol' hoops" and pay her rent on time, and he checks off his list of perfect girlfriend criteria while demanding that everyone get on the dance floor in the process.

Bruno also performed the title track from the album, 24K Magic, which is set to drop on November 18.