Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images

See Sean Kingston (Remember Him?) Hit A Fan With A Microphone

While singing 'Beautiful Girls,' of course

If you’re wondering what Sean Kingston is up to these days — besides possibly igniting The Game and Meek Mill’s fiery feud — the answer is he’s still singing his 2009 hit “Beautiful Girls” to enthusiastic crowds.

Indeed, that’s exactly what the 26-year-old was doing last night (October 13) at SinCity Nightclub in Gold Coast, Australia. It was all going swimmingly, until one fan near the stage reportedly threw ice at Kingston, then flipped him off and spit on him (during an easy-breezy song like “Beautiful Girls,” no less! How rude!).

Kingston was having none of it — in fan-shot footage obtained by TMZ, he’s seen swinging his mic into the crowd. It’s unclear if he actually made contact with the unruly fan; according to TMZ, he claimed they were just “warning shots.” The show reportedly went on as planned after the heckler was booted from the club by security. And then everyone presumably went back to crooning about girls that make them suicidal.

Between this incident and Chance the Rapper’s recent retaliation against a disruptive fan, it seems only right to remind you: attacking artists is never a good idea. Just don’t do it!