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‘The Stakes’: Voting Is Not A Form Of Self-Expression

Another week, another (sort of) political podcast

Welcome to “The Stakes,” the reluctantly political podcast that’s being dragged by the ankles into the yawning abyss of the looming election. Won’t you join us? Coming up on the show today:

Part 1: MTV Founders editor Julie Zeilinger speaks with Rise founder Amanda Nguyen about how she helped create the Sexual Assault Survivors’ Bill of Rights.

Part 2: Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton tells Jaime Fuller about how banishing salary history will help close the wage gap.

Part 3: Our resident poet and politics writer Marcus Ellsworth talks to socialist activist Sendolo Diaminah about how to best use your vote if you don’t fully support either candidate — but still want to make a difference in policy.

Part 4: In light of a growing cascade of revelations from even more women accusing Donald Trump of sexual assault, MTV News correspondent Meredith Graves has an op-ed about how Trump isn’t really even a politician.

Thanks for being with us on this journey, internet. We’ll be back at you next Wednesday night, following the presidential debate, with another installment of “Stakes After Dark (SAD!).” You can subscribe to our show and other fine MTV Podcasts productions on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, and Spotify.