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All Dressed Up: Nev Schulman's Fiancée Is Decorating Her Baby Bump

The 'Catfish' couple is really relishing the final moments of pregnancy

The final stretch of pregnancy for some women can be cumbersome -- but Nev Schulman's fiancée Laura Perlongo, who is due any day now, is making the most of these fleeting moments with her mini-me in utero. With the humorous and fun-loving attitude that we've seen throughout the Catfish couple's journey as they welcome their first child, of course.

First up, Baby Schulman the bump is dressed as a bona fide farmer (not joking!).

"Had a great time upstate, met some real nice people," the mama-to-be captioned the humorous snapshot above, which finds her burgeoning belly perfectly nestled in a face cut-out during a recent fall-themed excursion the pair took in New York. Appropriately, Laura's midsection features eyes and a nose -- and it kinda sort-of looks like her tummy is going for a hay ride through the pumpkins. PERFECTION.

Nev also got in on the embellishing action -- and added a snapshot of his future wife taking a bath with some beach accessories (palm trees, a sandcastle and flip flops) perfectly placed on her midsection.

"Baby's due any day now! totally obsessed with this woman but definitely going to miss this adorable baby bump," the super sleuth added.

Offer your positive thoughts to Nev and Laura as they prepare to welcome their daughter -- and be sure to stay with MTV News for any and all updates surrounding Baby Schulman!