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Emma Stone’s First Hollywood Adventures Involved Paris Hilton And ... Dog Oreos?

Turns out her own IRL ‘La La Land’ had some pretty weird scenes

La La Land — the musical starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling that’s set to steal hearts (and already has, according to the lucky critics and crowds who’ve seen the movie at a few festivals) when it hits theaters on December 9 — takes place in a romantic, slightly magical Los Angeles.

Apparently, its leading lady had some super weird moments of her own when she was trying to make it in the IRL Hollywood that were so surreal they actually involved the star of The Surreal Life.

In her new Vogue cover story, Stone’s Los Angeles gets a special spotlight: When she first came to Hollywood with big-screen aspirations, she moved in with her mom, drove a red Volkswagon Beetle, and found a day job working the counter at a puppy bakery serving dog Oreos (seriously), which are apparently a thing, and wound up at a few parties — including one at Paris Hilton’s house.

“I saw someone puking in a closet,” she tells Vogue of the party at Paris’s. “I don’t remember who it was, but I was like, ‘Do you think that’s a bathroom? Or is the line too long?’”

Talk of her L.A. beginnings segued beautifully into more chat of the movie: She gushes about La La Land, crediting it for making her “re-fall in love with that Hollywood idea of Los Angeles because I wasn’t looking at L.A. that way at all.” She praises her pal Gosling, with whom she’s worked with multiple times, gushing that “it was nice to be friends with the person you’re doing all this crazy stuff with —learning to ballroom dance or sing duets live.”

There are worse things than learning how to time-step alongside Gosling, for sure. (And watching someone puke in a closet at Paris Hilton’s is definitely up there on that list.)