Ass-Kicking 101: Tyler Posey And The Stars Of Sweet/Vicious Are Here To Teach You The Sweetest Moves Ever

When Scott McCall gets involved, you know it's going to be epic

Sweet/Vicious will address the urgent topic of sexual assault on college campuses -- specifically, stars Eliza Bennett and Taylor Dearden morph into superheroes to get revenge on those who commit wrongdoings (the show's trailer is below).

But before the MTV series debuts after Teen Wolf on November 15, the actresses are showing off some ass-kicking moves in the videos below -- with the help of a special someone from the network.

Yep, Tyler Posey! After all, the man behind Scott McCall does know a thing or two about taking down baddies on the small screen. First, the gang -- with a lesson from martial arts instructor and professional stunt performer Matt Berberi -- gets tips on how to break free of a shoulder grasp.

Next, the trio learns how to escape after being grabbed from behind.

Lastly, the crew obtains some key pointers on how to liberate themselves from a full mount position.

Watch all of the clips so that you can be informed -- and be sure to catch the premiere of Teen Wolf on November 15 at 9/8c followed by Sweet/Vicious at 10/9c.