‘Happy Sad Confused’ Lands On The Planet Of The Apes

Andy Serkis, Bruce Campbell, villainous apes, and possessed colons

It's a geek's dream come true on this week's episode of "Happy Sad Confused," as Josh Horowitz gets an exclusive update on War of the Planet of the Apes and welcomes a veritable icon in Bruce Campbell.

First up on the podcast is a spoiler-free chat with Apes star Andy Serkis, director Matt Reeves, and producer Dylan Clark. Serkis reveals that he considers the saga his Apehood, tracking an amazing arc for his character, Caeser. Plus, the trio reveal what kind of villain we can expect from Woody Harrelson and the scale of the war to come next July 14th when the film opens.

Then things get groovy when Bruce Campbell — Ash of Ash vs. Evil Dead — visits the podcast studio, as the show returns for a second bloody and delightfully depraved season on Starz. Campbell is a consummate storyteller and certainly brings it in this chat, admitting that "the biggest scam of all time is to be an actor." Plus: He tells us why fighting a possessed colon sucks.

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