Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Troye Sivan Should Probably Be Your ‘National Coming Out Day’ Hero

In a new video, the singer explains why coming out was the best thing he’s ever done

In celebration of National Coming Out Day today (October 11), it’s only appropriate that we hear from Troye Sivan, one of pop music’s most inspirational young artists.

Since publicly coming out on YouTube in 2013, the Aussie singer has been a champion of pride, inspiring his LGBTQ fans and even helping them come out themselves. In a new Rolling Stone video, the 21-year-old doles out sage advice for young people about accepting their sexuality.

“The first step and the hardest step, I reckon, is coming out to yourself and realizing who you are and dealing with your identity,” Sivan said. “Once you’ve gotten past that process, I would say make sure you’re in a safe environment. And then if you feel like it is a safe environment, I would highly, highly recommend coming out. Not everyone wants to or has to, of course, but I can speak from personal experience and just say that for me, it’s been the best thing I’ve ever done in my entire life.”

The “Wild” singer goes on to explain that coming out was a “pivotal moment” in his career because it allowed him to “write music that is completely honest.” Watch the video below to see Sivan further reflect on why being open about his sexuality is so powerful. And Happy National Coming Out Day, everyone!