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Ariana Grande’s Onstage Chemistry With Mac Miller Will Make Everything OK

Ari showed up to Mac’s recent concert special for their duet

Ariana Grande's onstage chemistry with her not-so-secret BF Mac Miller is almost enough to soothe the pain of Aubrih's latest breakup.

Miller recently aired a concert special to celebrate the release of his new album The Divine Feminine, and Grande came along to sing live vocals on "My Favorite Part."

The jazzy tune is fun enough on its own, but it turns into a whole new experience when you get to see Miller and Grande lock eyes while singing to each other. He even makes her crack up laughing in the middle of a line.

The best part comes at the end of the song, when Grande walks right up to Miller — and offers him a firm handshake. "Pleasure working with you," he says. "I'll be in touch," she retorts.

Watch the clip and tell us you're not as smitten with them as they are with each other.