Scream Halloween Special: These 5 Plot Twists (Plus A Few Crucial Clues) Prove The 'Story Isn't Over'

For starters, one of the Lakewood Six was brutally murdered. #OMG

Launching into one of his now-classic voiceovers at the tail end of Scream's Halloween special, the all-knowing Noah summed up the evening’s events with typical aplomb.

“I have a feeling our story isn't over,” he said, “and there's another sequel in the works.”

Gee, ya think?

In addition to a random madman wreaking havoc on Emma and her pals during an island getaway, plenty of mysteries unfolded back in good ol’ Lakewood -- aka the town Noah now refers to as “Murderville.” Here are the top five plot twists -- and all the questions we have because of them:

  1. Who murdered Kieran?

    Remember the tail end of Season 2's finale, when the newly unveiled killer got a jailhouse call from someone who asked, "Who told you you could wear my mask?" Well apparently, that guy was pissed. After being placed in a holding cell at the local courthouse on tonight's special, the now-convicted Kieran -- aka the son of a bitch who killed Jake, Eddie, Mr. Branson, Haley, Zoe, Mayor Maddox, a random cop and Eli and even helped Piper with her Season 1 massacre -- had his own throat slashed by someone wearing a Brandon James mask and that familiar black cloak. But who was wielding the knife this time? And more disturbingly, as Noah later pondered, "Was it someone Kieran hurt -- or was it someone who wants to take his place?"

  2. What was Kieran's connection to the new killer?

    Holy plot twist, Batman: Kieran knew his own executioner. Sort of. After the latest madman released Mr. Wilcox from his jail cell (and just before he committed murder), Kieran said, "All right, you kept your word. Are you going to tell me who you are?" To quote Piper, "#mindblown": That meant the two had prior dealings -- but what was their connection? And what had the new killer promised? Did he assure Kieran he'd get him out of jail (but then really renege on the deal)? Or did he somehow help Kieran with the Season 2 killing spree? And does anyone else think it was karma that Kieran got slashed by someone he trusted after he did the same exact thing to Haley? Or does no one really care because she was such a bitch?

  3. Why was Emma's father at Kieran's grave?

    We were a little surprised that anyone visited that bastard killer Kieran's resting place but nearly fell off our chair when we realized it was none other than -- wait for it -- Kevin Duval.

  4. Who checked into the Lakewood Motel?

    We know what you're thinking: Mr. Duval did. After all, just after Emma's dad was shown visiting the cemetery, a dude who looked a lot like him arrived at the motel. But was that really Kevin Duval? Now that we stopped freaking the f*ck out, we realized a few things: 1) We actually only saw the motel guest from behind. 2) Back at the cemetery, Kevin was wearing a light-colored jacket; the man who checked into the motel was wearing a dark coat -- plus a hat, which wasn't atop Mr. Duval's head when we saw him at the grave. Very tricky, Scream writers. Very tricky.

  5. Was the mystery man really Brandon James?

    We know what you're thinking again: After whoever-that-was checked into the Lakewood Motel under that oh-so-familiar name, it seemed obvious Brandon James was back in town. But go back and listen carefully: The clerk greeted the new guest by saying, "Welcome to Lakewood, Mr. James." So was "Mr. James" actually Brandon James -- and is the legendary mass murderer really alive and back in Lakewood -- or could it have been his brother, Troy James? Or was the mystery man someone posing as Brandon James? Or was LeBron James in town for a Cavaliers game? Okay, that's not really a possibility, but wouldn’t that be awesome?

So tell us: Was Emma's dad the man who checked into the motel as Mr. James? Who do you think killed Kieran? And what questions do you have after seeing the Scream special? Head to the comments and start playing detective all over again -- then get ready for Season 3 of Scream in 2017!