Taylor Hill/Getty Images

Watch Chance The Rapper Tackle An Overeager Stage Crasher

More like Chance The Linebacker, tbh

Chance the Rapper may seem all sweet and sprightly (have you seen his cute Kit-Kat commercial?), but he’s no pushover, big fella.

The Coloring Book MC proved as much when he tackled an overzealous stage crasher during last night’s Magnificent Coloring World Tour stop in Miami. In fan-shot footage obtained by TMZ, Chance is seen mid–praise dance during “Blessings (Reprise)” when a fan runs onto the stage and grabs him from behind. Chance’s reaction time is impressively quick, and he pivots and tackles the fan to the ground before security steps in. The rapper lost his signature “3” cap in the process, but no matter — he had “no problem” handling this one like a goddamn pro.

Let this be yet another reminder that crashing your fave artists’s stage is never a good idea — never, ever.