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Emma Roberts Gushes Over Dave Franco In Exclusive Nerve Featurette

Honestly, same

All Dave Franco needs to do is flash that smile and fans are smitten, but it turns out the same goes for the cast and crew of Franco’s summer hit, Nerve, as well. In the thriller, after Vee (Emma Roberts) and Ian (Franco) begin playing an online version of Truth or Dare, the pair soon begin to fear for their lives as people watching the game try to get involved. But off-screen, it seems the mood was much lighter.

Codirectors Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman and star Emma Roberts gush about Franco in this exclusive featurette for MTV News.

“Dave is amazing. I love working with him,” Roberts says. “We met years and years and years ago and we did a music video together, and he was just so charming and funny and sweet.” She goes on to confess how no one else could play Ian but Franco, and was ecstatic to finally get to work with him on a movie. The duo totally clicked right off the bat and finishing the film was a bittersweet experience. Check out the clip below.

Nerve is available on Digital HD today and Blu-ray & DVD October 25, 2016.