Should Simon Have Helped Farrah With Her Teen Mom OG Frozen Yogurt Shop Opening?

It wasn't smooth sailing between the on-again off-again couple during tonight's episode

Farrah proudly opened up a brand-new frozen yogurt shop during tonight's Teen Mom OG episode, and she had a recognizable presence in tow for the occasion: on-again off-again boyfriend Simon. But the dessert wasn't the only icy part of FroCo's launch: The duo couldn't stop squabbling as they readied the shop for its first visitors. So should Sophia's mama have allowed the SoCal-based businessman to assist her leading up to her sweet-treat debut -- or was it best for him to root for her from afar?

A general assessment of what unfolded: Farrah explained that while she wasn't with Simon at the time, he still wanted to be a support system for her big day. But the pleasantries after he arrived were short-lived: While en route to get everything ready, the 25-year-old made it clear that Simon could not "get in the way" and he wasn't permitted to do his "own sh-t." He responded by laughing.

When they got to work, the tension only intensified, and their communication about tasks that needed to be completed went nowhere (witness some of their spat below).

"You act like you're Mr. Home Ec and you can't listen to what I've said -- it's not hard," Farrah exclaimed. She later added: "If you're a friend, then act like a friend."

In the end, though, the grand opening went smoothly -- and Simon was present (and even enjoyed the tasty product). But should he have made the trip to Texas in the first place? While he expressed his desire to do whatever she needed, his laid-back behavior clearly irritated Farrah. Or was Farrah too stressed about the imminent debut and, as a result, took it out on Simon? Sound off in the comments -- and be sure to keep watching Farrah every Monday on Teen Mom OG at 9/8c.