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Katy Perry Just Introduced The Latest ‘Covergirl’ — And It’s A Boy

Drumroll, please

With the help of Katy Perry, Covergirl announced some very exciting news this morning: A CoverBOY has joined the family.

Seventeen-year-old makeup artist James Charles is blazing the trail for the company, working alongside Katy on his first Covergirl shoot. He also got to meet Katy's dog, Butters, which is just like a cherry on top of a beautiful, colorful sundae.

Though James has a huge Instagram following, he reveals here that this is his first-ever commercial. First-ever CoverBOY sharing his first-ever commercial set with Katy Perry is, ummm, not bad, eh??

Details on when we'll actually get to see James's campaign haven't been released yet, but the casting choice serves as a reminder that makeup is genderless. We can't wait to see what's next.