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Kylie Jenner, Katy Perry, And More Who’ve Perfected Rose Gold Hair

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Last week, Kylie Jenner ditched her blonde hair for something a little pinker. Instead of going straight up pale pink, though, she opted for a rose gold hue, which combines pink with some more orange-y tones, resulting in a perfect, subtle color.

Though the shade is new for Kylie, it's been around for a minute, popping up on the heads of everyone from Katy Perry to Elle Fanning.

Here are a few of Kylie's rose gold predecessors for you to add to your hair color Pinterest board or just, like, gaze at longingly:

  • Katy Perry
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    Katy Perry had rose gold hair before we even knew such a shade could exist on our heads. Katy’s experimented with a ton of hair colors, but this was by far the most subtle.

  • Ashley Tisdale

    The key to successful rose gold hair, you’ll notice, is that it’s barely noticeable. Ashley Tisdale’s hair may look straight-up blonde, but upon closer inspection, you’ll see a very light pink wash. That’s how it’s done.

  • Emma Roberts

    Good news: Non-blondes can do it too. Take Emma Roberts, for example, who proved with a few pinky-gold highlights, redheads can also join the club.

  • Elle Fanning

    Over the summer, Elle Fanning got “Dusty 🌹 hair.” All hair colors should be able to be summed up in an emoji, don’t you think?

  • Ellie Goulding
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    Sometimes when I look at this photo of Ellie Goulding, I feel like I’m wearing a pair of rose-colored glasses. She proves when your hair is pink, blush pops that much more.

  • Kate Hudson
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    Take it from Kate Hudson: All you need are a few pink streaks framing your face and, like, a dash of color at the bottom for the entire thing to read as pink perfection

  • Sienna Miller
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    And, finally, we have the greatest rose gold achievement of all time — Sienna Miller. It’s a little bit pink, a little bit orange, and entirely impossible to recreate.