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'That Face': Does Baby DeBoer Look More Like Chelsea Or Cole?

Thanks to a 3D sonogram, we're getting a glimpse of the 'Teen Mom 2' tot

Chelsea Houska's second peanut needs to cook in the oven for a bit longer -- but that doesn't mean it isn't too early to assess who the munchkin resembles.

The Teen Mom 2 newlyweds -- who will welcome their first addition in February -- shared an identical snapshot of their offspring (a 3D sonogram, to be exact) and asked their Instagram followers if Baby DeBoer looks more like Mommy or Daddy.

While the majority of the comments went the "daddy" route, it's too soon to tell if Aubree's sibling (the kiddo's gender has yet to be revealed) is more of Chelsea's clone or Cole's twin.

In addition, the esthetician -- who recently passed the halfway mark of her pregnancy -- shared a heartwarming photo of her pet pig cuddling up to her bare bump. Best buddies, for sure!

But back to the aforementioned query: Does Baby DeBoer look more like Mom or Dad? Take our poll below, and be sure to stay with MTV News for more Chelsea updates!