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Patton Oswalt Accidentally Starts A Nuclear War In Weezer’s ‘I Love The USA’ Video


Weezer and Patton Oswalt are throwing a one-man party in the USA.

In the band's new video for "I Love the USA," Oswalt stars as a wayward patriot who loves America so much he just has to rock out in the Oval Office about it. Illegally, of course.

Oswalt sneaks into the office dressed in red, white, and blue, with American flag pants and a USA fanny pack. He gently and lovingly trashes the place while singing along to the Weezer tune; at one point, he grabs an American flag guitar off the wall and starts shredding along.

Special agent Rivers Cuomo isn't exactly cool with Oswalt's shenanigans, though. After the intruder almost pushes that big red button, the two end up wrestling on the floor of the office in a stand-off that still has more decorum than whatever happened in St. Louis last night.

Then, for reasons unknown, Cuomo pushes the button himself. There goes the earth.