Hamilton’s Lin-Manuel Miranda Makes The Most Of His Shot On SNL

‘SNL’ delivers the politically charged episode we’ve been waiting for

Last night (October 8), Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda hosted Saturday Night Live in the sharply political episode people have been waiting for in this election cycle. Miranda, freshly shaved and shorn (no ponytail!), kicked off the show performing a version of Hamilton’s signature track “My Shot,” with all SNL-related lyrics.

In his song, Miranda makes it clear that he’s a die-hard fan of SNL, paying homage to Lorne Michaels and past cast members, even breaking out a Don Pardo impression. He also took a shot at Donald Trump, stopping short of calling him a “piece of shit,” instead breaking into a short aside from another Hamilton track, “The Reynolds Pamphlet.”

Below, some of the night’s other top sketches:

  • Alec Baldwin Sinks His Teeth Into Donald Trump’s Latest Controversy

    SNL had a lot to process before its airing, with Donald Trump arguably having the worst week in presidential campaign history, with video of a disturbing and graphic conversation about women released the day before SNL was set to air. But the writers were ready for Saturday night, with Alec Baldwin finally giving the performance we were hoping for, performing a disgusting portrayal of Trump doubling down on his comments and horrifying CNN’s Brooke Baldwin (Cecily Strong) and delighting Hillary Clinton (Kate McKinnon).

  • Jimmy Fallon And Tina Fey Visit Best “Weekend Update” To Date

    For as many complaints as there were about Colin Jost in his early days as host of “Weekend Update,” Jost and cohost Michael Che have quietly been delivering high-quality performances at the desk for some time. This episode’s “Weekend Update” may have been their best to date, with Jost and Che setting their sights on Donald Trump for some of the most incisive criticism of this election cycle. They were eventually joined by Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey, bringing out their best Philadelphia accents to play undecided suburban housewives, poking fun at Fallon’s (actually not very funny) soft-balling of Trump on The Tonight Show and the election’s biggest controversies.

  • Trump’s Campaign Manager, Kellyanne Conway, Can’t Take A Day Off

    Sensing they had something with Kate McKinnon’s withering impression of Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway, the best sketch of the night was actually a short pre-taped sketch showing Conway’s “day off,” a day she spends continually being interrupted by Jake Tapper and CNN, asking Conway to comment on Trump’s latest tweets.

  • Stranger Things Parody Previews Season 2, Introduces Lucas’s Family

    One of the bigger critiques of Stranger Things is the absence of any parental figures for Lucas, the show’s lone black character. In this parody, SNL imagines what Lucas’s parents are actually like, played (of course) by a furious Leslie Jones and Kenan Thompson. Everyone makes an appearance, from Eleven to Sheriff Hopper, and I can’t think of two better people to handle Lucas’s family’s presumable outrage than Jones and Thompson.

Next week’s host is Emily Blunt, with musical guest Bruno Mars.