Mark Davis/Getty Images for MTV

JoJo’s Nostalgic New Video Will Probably Make You Sob

Baby JoJo is the star of her emotional video for ‘Music‘

If you thought JoJo’s Mad Love title track packed an emotional punch, just wait until you hear her nostalgic new number, “Music.”

The tender piano ballad finds JoJo vulnerably reflecting on what music means to her: “Started singing just to get some attention / A melody to cut through the addiction / And every song I made turned into wishes / Some of them came true.” In the accompanying video, we see old footage of JoJo pursuing her dream as a bright-eyed little girl, performing in talent shows, giving interviews, and recording songs.

The emotional climax, however, comes when JoJo pays tribute to her father, who passed away last year. “Went on the road to make my daddy proud / But I lost him and so I sang to the crowd / My only hope is that he’s looking down / Thinking, Oh my god, my daughter’s doing it now,” she sings. Kleenex, anyone?

“Music” appears on JoJo’s upcoming album Mad Love, which drops October 14. Maybe all your tears will have dried by then.