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Kylie Jenner’s New Pink Hair Is So Subtle You Could Miss It

You might need rose-colored glasses to see this

After a month as a blonde, Kylie Jenner decided it was time for a change. Since her hair is the lightest it's ever been, she took the opportunity to add some color.

Kylie unveiled the new shade on Instagram, so subtle it could've easily been chalked up to lighting or a filter. Thankfully, she tipped us off in the caption, writing, simply, "Rose Gold."

As someone who has tried on numerous occasions to maintain rose gold hair, I would encourage Kylie to enjoy it while it lasts — like all beautiful things in life, it's fleeting. Alas.

At least she can always recreate the look on her eyelids via her Kylie Cosmetics Rose Gold Crème Shadow. And then she won't have to shower in freezing cold water.