How Are Catelynn And Tyler Working On Their Teen Mom OG Communication?

During tonight's episode, Novalee's parents aired their pent-up feelings

Catelynn and Tyler have always tried to be open with each other in their day-to-day lives or as they faced difficult challenges (and they have been lauded for their ability to express genuine emotions through the years). But during tonight's Teen Mom OG episode, the duo slightly struggled to get on the same page -- and this setback stemmed from Cate's lack of involvement with her aftercare treatment and Ty's growing frustration about her behavior.

While the couple did not hide their sentiments -- and the young mom couldn't hold back her tears when her spouse revealed his dissatisfaction -- how would Cate describe their status today in regards to conveying their authentic state of mind during tough incidents?

"I feel like our communication has always been good," the 25-year-old explains in the clip above, but points out that sometimes it can be "rocky" when she struggles with her mental illness because she doesn't want to burden Tyler with her own issues.

"But he's very good about listening and giving me an opinion and [expressing] what he feels," she elaborated.

What does Cate think she needs to work on when facing these personal setbacks? And how is Tyler working on his communication methods? Watch the video to hear their answers, and be sure to keep watching the couple every Monday on Teen Mom OG at 9/8c.