AHS: Roanoke’s Pig Man Scene Reminds Us Of A Certain Smart Guy Episode

Sorry, ‘AHS,’ but you weren't the first to feature pig people

American Horror Story: Roanoke's most recent episode opened with Shelby (Sarah Paulson) getting the shit scared out of her yet again. While in the bathroom, she innocently pulled back the shower curtain and BOOM: Mr. Piggy sprung out and started wielding a weapon and oinking like his tail was on fire — which, I mean, it actually was during that impromptu BBQ in "Chapter 2." Unsurprisingly, this shower scene is a direct nod to AHS: Murder House, when he popped out at Eric Stonestreet and freaked TF out of anyone watching.

While everyone was scared out of their minds, I couldn't help thinking of that one Smart Guy episode that traumatized me in the late '90s. That whole pig-man-running-around-the-house drama was reminiscent of when T.J. (Tahj Mowry) and Marcus Henderson (Jason Weaver) were terrorized by three figures in yellow raincoats and disturbing pig masks wielding meat cleavers.

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Obviously, these figures weren't wearing hollowed-out pig heads, but those pig masks are still just as effed up. The real horrifying part about this episode isn't the pig aspect, but the fact that the whole thing focused around Lizzie Borden — you know, the infamous girl accused of murdering her parents with an axe in the late 1800s. Traumatizing.

Shelby and Matt definitely haven't seen the last of Mr. Piggy, but at least that dude doesn't chant "Lizzie Borden took an axe / And gave her mother 40 whacks / When she saw what she had done / She gave her father 41" while trying to gut them. He just squeals.

AHS can have its pig head. But always remember that pig people running around a house and scaring its inhabitants clearly originated with Smart Guy.