Who Made The Worst First Impression On Real World: Mike Or Robbie?

On tonight's season premiere, plenty of 'Bad Blood' was spilled

The Real World Season 32 twist — that the original cast’s respective enemies will eventually join the show as housemates — hasn’t yet gone into effect. But that hasn’t stopped Seattle’s newest tenants from already spilling bad blood.

On tonight’s two-part season premiere of Real World Seattle: Bad Blood, seven strangers from as far and wide as New York and Florida took the Pacific Northwest by storm for the experience of a lifetime. And while things remained mostly status quo through boat cruises and trips to a local cupcake shop, former Are You The One? cast member Mike and self-professed momma’s boy Robbie found themselves butting heads less than a week into their tenancy.

It all started during a Jordan-planned Family Game Night, during which the housemates planned to take turns choosing truth-or-dare questions at random from a hat. When it came time for Robbie’s turn, his instruction was to bite Theo’s lip. Robbie reflexively rejected the dare, but when Anika promised to perform a naked lap dance if he changed his mind, Robbie began to reconsider.

Then, Mike started pressuring Robbie. And pressuring him. And pressuring him.

“[Robbie’s] very influenced by peer pressure,” Mike said. “You can see that from a mile off.”

So after a couple of superfluous tequila shots, Robbie finally gave Theo a little nibble, the house had a good laugh and Anika made good on her promise. It all seemed like innocent fun, but when Robbie took a moment to genuinely consider his actions, his sense of humor faded, and he felt duped. He wasn’t being himself, he bemoaned.

“Mike's being a psychological bully. He's needling, needling, needling,” Robbie said.

And then: an explosion. Mike accused Robbie of being soft and impressionable, and recalcitrant Robbie accused Mike of targeting him to deflect his own embarrassment after being rejected by Jordan. Within moments, security had to step in to stop the madness. Eventually, Robbie, who’d devolved into a mess of tears, was asked to leave and spend the night at a hotel out of concern he might try to start additional fights with Mike.

“Mike thinks he's the Alpha, but he's a bully," Robbie complained. "I let this guy get under my skin and get me so mad.”

After a good night’s sleep, Robbie returned to the house, and though he said he’d need a couple of days to cool off, he apologized and admitted to getting needlessly heated up. Mike acknowledged he’s no good at “backing down or backing off of situations” and conceded that he’d make an effort not to be such an instigator.

And though the guys agreed to move on, Robbie delivered this admonition: “I forgive you, and it's water under the bridge…but I'm not gonna forget what you did to me.”

Real World has barely begun, but it looks like we’ve already got a rivalry on our hands. So who do you think is more at fault, and will these two be able to remain off the battlefield? Share your thoughts, and be sure to tune in to a brand-new Bad Blood episode next Wednesday at 10/9c!

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