Rick Diamond/Getty Images for Bud Light

Lady Gaga Introduces Nashville To Joanne On The First Stop Of Her Dive Bar Tour

‘But if you could do me this one favor, tonight, if you could just call me ...’

Lady Gaga didn't just pick any ol' watering hole in Nashville for her new dive bar tour: She brought the music of Joanne to one of the best dives in the city, and she clearly did her research before she showed up.

East Nashville's 5 Spot is a major draw for those looking for cheap beer and live music, as the bar is kind of the perfect hang for both: The stage in the back has gigs booked most nights of the week, in addition to the monthly Old School Country Night that has up-and-coming artists covering Reba McEntire and Loretta Lynn hits on the regular. And the bar is ... very, very stocked. Given Gaga's desire to hop into the crowd and get sweaty for a "human experience," the 5 Spot definitely fit the bill on Wednesday night (October 5) for her brief performance that included "Perfect Illusion," "Million Reasons," "Sinner's Prayers," and "A-Yo."

After greeting her screaming friends in front of the bar and striding in with her acoustic guitar, Gaga pushed her way through the crowd and made her way to the dark stage, where she kicked things off with the brooding amble of "Sinner's Prayer," her collaboration with Father John Misty. She then belted the hell out of "A-Yo" (and had a blast playing the guitar throughout). When it came time to introduce herself about halfway through the set, she banked on drama: "My name is Lady Gaga. I'm a singer/songwriter from New York City, and I'm comin' through Nashville. But if you could do me this one favor, tonight, if you could just call me Joanne ..."

She then shouted out the Nashville native who co-wrote "Million Reasons" before launching into an emotional performance of her latest single. The crowd, understandably, went nuts.

And hey, Gaga literally wore her love for Nashville on her sleeve: Her jacket is a Manuel Cuevas creation, which is both as flashy as can be and a perfect regional hat-tip. The Nashville-based designer has outfitted everyone from Dolly Parton to Jack White, and those sparkling flourishes are nearly identical to several of his designs.

Cuevas's style is inarguably worthy of any Nashville stage — and definitely worthy of Gaga's gritty dive bar oasis, as well.