‘Happy Sad Confused’ With Mahershala Ali

From ‘Luke Cage’ to ‘Moonlight,’ Ali is everywhere

Mahershala Ali is in the middle of the transition every actor dreams of — from that guy to THE guy. He reveals all in this week's episode of "Happy Sad Confused," tracing his trajectory from House of Cards to his film debut in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button to the enviable place he is now: dominating every screen imaginable. On TV, he's Cottonmouth, the scene-stealing bad guy in the binge-worthy show of the moment, Luke Cage. And on the big screen, come October 21, he'll be looming large in the poignant coming-of-age drama Moonlight.

Ali sits down with Josh to talk about it all, from working with David Fincher and Derek Cianfrance to suddenly getting him moment in the sun at age 42.

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