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Teen Wolf Tearjerker: Tyler Posey Reflects On His 'First Day Of Work For The Last Time'

It all began six years ago -- with Dylan O'Brien by his side

There are going to be plenty of "lasts" during the final Teen Wolf season -- and understandably, this farewell tour for the beloved lycanthrope series (which premieres on November 15) includes the actors looking back on their unforgettable Beacon Hills ride.

Tyler Posey, who has appeared in every episode of the MTV drama, could not help but reflect on a monumental trip to the job he has had since late 2010.

"Just got to my first day of work for the last time," the thespian captioned the old-school photo above, with his co-star Dylan O'Brien.

From there, Tyler reflected on a conversation he had with the man behind Stiles Stilinski during their early days on set.

"'Dude, how long do you think we'll be doing this show?' 'I don't know man, I think we could be until we're 25.' 'What the fuck! You think so!?' 'I think so dude..'"

The actor then added: "I turn 25 in two weeks. I love you dyl, I love you my teen wolf family, I love all of you. Can't wait to show you the final product."


Be sure to stay with MTV News as we approach the final season of Teen Wolf, and hear Tyler open up about his hopes for Scott McCall in the video below.