Calling BS: These Are The 5 Biggest Lies Paige And Jordan Told On Mary + Jane

Pants on fire!

Now that's what you call “keeping up with the Joneses.”

Paige and Jordan tried to impress their new neighbors on this week’s Mary + Jane when they realized the couple was absolutely fabulous: Aside from their obvious wealth, Nate turned out to be one of Jordan’s favorite artists, while Toby had ultra-cool connections (he had an extra ticket to the L.A. premiere of “Hamilton” because “Lin is a friend,” plus he grew up with Veronique, the world-famous poncho designer).

So how did the BFFs try to fit in with the new kids on the block? By lying their asses off. Here are the top five fibs Paige and Jordan told on this week’s M+J:

  1. They’re florists.

    When Nate and Toby announced they were having a Neighborhood Watch meeting and planned to ferret out the area’s drug dealers, Paige and Jordan claimed they sell a less controversial type of bud. (Sorry, we couldn’t resist).

  2. Paige knows Pharrell.

    What did Paige do when Tasha wrongly assumed the blunt-selling blonde “did the flowers for Pharrell’s bar mitzvah”? She took credit, then randomly eagerly added, “Mazel tov!”

  3. And Gwyneth too.

    It’s called the domino effect: When Tasha told Veronique that Paige was Pharrell’s personal florist, the poncho queen said, “Oh, then you must know Gwyneth.” In turn, Paige then pretended that she and the A-lister were a friendly twosome. #consciouscoupling

  4. Jordan is a member of an extreme religion.

    When she found out Nate had ties to the fictional P.E.A.K. church, Jordan swiftly joined. “I went to the Personality Center, I took a test, I signed a thousand-year contract,” she announced. Hey, at least she got that book for free.

  5. There’s a 911 emergency.

    In an attempt to make a cop leave the Neighborhood Watch meeting, Jordan phoned in a fake missing person report he’d have to investigate -- and included a few details to ensure the boys in blue made it top priority: “It’s a young woman.” Good. “A white woman.” Better. “She’s blonde!” Home run.

Have you ever BS’d a peer just to fit in? And did you get caught like Paige and Jordan? Tell us your biggest lies, then be sure to catch the season finale of M+J on Monday at 10/9c!