Iron Fist Kicks Serious Ass In First Photo From Marvel’s New Superhero Series

Glad to see Iron Fist is upholding Marvel’s sacred hallway fight tradition

Whether you binged all 13 episodes of Luke Cage over the weekend or have yet to start — Sweet Christmas, you really need to sort out your priorities — Netflix is moving right along with its plan to bring Marvel's The Defenders to our screens as quickly as possible. But first, it has to deliver the final piece of the puzzle: Iron Fist.

On Tuesday, Netflix announced that all 13 episodes of Marvel's Iron Fist will hit the streaming service on March 17, 2017. Featuring former Game of Thrones star Finn Jones as the titular superhero, Iron Fist is an origin story of sorts for the kung fu master. The story will follow mysterious billionaire Danny Rand (Jones), who returns to New York City after being missing for years with the incredible ability to summon the power of the fiery Iron Fist.

Jones landed the lead role of Daniel Rand back in March, and now we have a look at him in action as Iron Fist in a newly released production photo. Iron Fist's creation was the product of America's obsession with kung fu movies in the '70s, so expect the series to up the ante when it comes to Netflix's strong track record of superb fight sequences. One look at Rand in action, and we know there's nothing to worry about.


Rand's abilities were the result of a personal tragedy. After losing his parents in a plane crash over the magical city of K'un-Lun (somewhere in the Himalayas), the denizens of K'un-Lun save young Daniel from certain death and train him to become a legendary fighter.

Iron Fist is Netflix's fourth Marvel superhero series, after Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Daredevil, and the final before the superhero team-up The Defenders. A Daredevil spinoff series, The Punisher, starring Jon Bernthal, is also in the works.