Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images

Mac Miller Hilariously Interviews Himself About Being A White Rapper

He also addresses Eminem, telekinesis, and how much human beings suck

Celebrity interviews can be pretty stale, so Mass Appeal decided to switch things up with “Time Alone,” a series where musicians interrogate themselves. Yes, it’s just as weird and trippy as it sounds, and the latest installment with Mac Miller is perhaps the weirdest and trippiest yet.

The Divine Feminine rapper plays the role of both interviewer and interviewee in the half-funny, half-awkward video, during which he asks point blank, “What’s up with white rappers?” Mac also quizzes himself about Eminem’s influence on his music, wanting to be telekinetic, where he wants to be in a decade, and how much human beings suck on a scale of 1 to 10.

“I would like to say a 50/50 rate of suckage across the board,” he diplomatically responds to the latter question. “Half people that are fucking solid, and half people that I don’t really need to grab a coffee with.”

Check out the full interview below (and before you can ask, no, he doesn’t mention his boo Ariana Grande ... but it’s still worth the watch).