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We Need To Talk About A Disney Star Playing Young Jeffrey Dahmer

Ross Lynch plays the infamous killer in ‘My Friend Dahmer’

Before serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer’s horrific crimes became national news 25 years ago, he was just your average teen (kind of). At Revere High School in Ohio, Dahmer had friends, played pranks, and did all the stuff normal kids do. Of course, that all changed years later, when the name Jeffrey Dahmer became synonymous with the word “monster.” But to author Derf Backderf, Dahmer was simply “Jeff.”

In 2012, Backderf wrote the graphic novel My Friend Dahmer based on his friendship with the murderer in high school, years before Dahmer became a cold-blooded killer. The novel is currently being adapted into a feature-length film and will premiere next year, with former Disney star and R5 band member Ross Lynch taking on the role of young Dahmer.

Portraying one of the most evil figures in history is definitely a 180 from Ross’s role in family-friendly fare like Austin & Ally and Teen Beach Movie. But one look at recently surfaced set photos reveal just how perfect Lynch is for the part — his resemblance to Dahmer is uncanny.