You Can Cop Kim Kardashian’s Eyeshadow Glam (If You Can Find This Palette)

When Kim’s makeup maestro releases a new kit, you buy (all of) it

If you follow Kim Kardashian on any of her social media accounts — Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, her own app, the works — you've likely seen a cameo or two from Mario Dedivanovic, her fave makeup maestro.

Now, Dedivanovic has been so inspired by his muse that he's gone and created some shades that'll make you glow brighter than that "This Is Me Now" filter with the butterflies and sparkles that Kim's such a fan of.

The makeup artist — who's hosted workshops (sponsored by Kylie, even!) with Kim in Dubai before — has collaborated with Anastasia Beverly Hills for the Master Palette, a collection of eyeshadows that includes a tawny shade ("The ultimate tan with a satin finish," to be precise) inspired by and named for KKW.

The palette flew off the physical and digital shelves faster than Kim could blurt out an excited "You guys!" So it's a good thing she scored one from her own personal da Vinci as a sneak peek.

(No word yet as to how the palette compares to Kyshadows, but we're thinking they'll both pop no matter what filter you use.)