Jaime Lannister’s First Instagram Pic Is More Ironic Than Viserys Targaryen’s Death

The ‘Game of Thrones’ star finally joined the digital realm

It took a ginormous explosion that obliterated tons of main characters, but Game of Thrones' Ser Jaime Lannister (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) has finally joined the rest of Westeros and created an Instagram.

The official Game of Thrones account welcomed Coster-Waldau on Thursday (September 29). "Rally the realm," they wrote (along with a gorgeous pic of the actor, might I add).

The Lannister leader replied, "Thank you so much dear realm. :-)." I love that the catalyst for the entire series uses smiley face emojis — and includes a nose, no less.

Since his Instagram is still in its infancy, Coster-Waldau has uploaded just four pics thus far, and only one is Game of Thrones–related. Yes, Jaime definitely has layers to him, and isn't inherently evil — even he can share a random "LOVE" pic.

Coster-Waldau also 'grammed pics of his UNDP ambassadorship, that time his TV show won a whopping 38 Emmys in a single night, and a behind-the-scenes pic from his upcoming thriller, Small Crimes. Welcome to the digital realm, Nikolaj!