Andrew Lipovsky/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Margot Robbie Adores Metallica More Than Harley Quinn Loves Mistah J

No but really, can she join Slipknot though?

When celebrities swing through a late-night talk show, they're usually paired with a musical guest — they're just not usually paired with one of their absolute favorite bands of all time.

Margot Robbie totally freaked out on The Tonight Show Thursday (September 29) when she was reminded that she was in studio with Metallica, and it turns out Harley Quinn herself is an avid metalhead who loses her shit at the mere prospect of breathing the same air as James Hetfield & Co.

"I had a real heavy metal phase when I was 14, and I dyed my hair black, and I only cut it with a razor blade, and I only wore band shirts, and only listened to the heaviest of heavy metal," she gushed to Jimmy Fallon.

She revealed that she was not only a massive Metallica fan, but listened to Silverstein, Bullet for My Valentine, and Slipknot on repeat as a teenager.

"I went to a Slipknot concert, and it was actually to this day the best concert I've ever gone to," she continued. "They're just amazing performers. Even if you don't like metal, I think you'd appreciate a Slipknot concert, because it's just incredible to watch."

Indeed, especially if you're into very creepy looking masks that make you think the scariest members of a Rob Zombie movie crawled off-screen and onto the nearest stage! Robbie hosts Saturday Night Live this weekend (even though she tried to get out of it thanks to nerves, as also discussed in the clip above); The Weeknd — a.k.a. Starboy — will join her as the musical guest.