These Are The Most Awesome Perks Of Being An Actress, According To Loosely Exactly Nicole

Unlimited M&M's included

Just a teeny taste of Tinseltown (and Danny, the boom-mic operator) was all it took to hook Nicole during tonight's Loosely Exactly Nicole.

Despite getting fired for boning the director's son (for shame, Nicole!), the struggling actress experienced first-hand the perks of being a part of the on-set talent — even if she was only doing a commercial for Swedish Slumber Pillows. Hey, she beat out 400 other hopefuls! Anyway. The perks. For instance:

  1. Sexy crew members (and their nicely sized members)

    When Nicole approached Danny about putting his boom in her frame (ow-ow!), he happily accepted. One visit to Pound Town later, and the actress was sternly warned by the director to keep her paws off. Her involvement inevitably resulted in being fired, so always make sure you're not sampling the wrong "flavor of dick" on set.

  2. Unlimited M&M's

    And bagels. And cheese. And breakfast burritos. And disgusting melon that is good for the eyelashes. We are clearly in the wrong profession.

  3. Being recognized for your skills

    There's something to be said about seeing your name listed on the call sheet under the word, "TALENT." In the words of Nicole, "Oh my God, every single person here knows I'm taalenteeed!"

  4. Hair, makeup & fancy dresses

    Where else can you get paid to be head-to-toe glam other than the Victoria's Secret runway? Nicole got a new 'do, fake eyelashes and a ritzy yellow gown reminiscent of Beauty & The Beast's Belle. Now where can we sign up?

Which perk would you appreciate the most? Let us know in the comments, then get ready for another Loosely Exactly Nicole Monday at 10:30/9:30c!