Victor Boyko/Getty Images for Fenty x Puma

Rihanna’s Latest Fashion Show Was Fit For A Queen

Off with their heads, on with their corsets!

When we found out that Rihanna would be showing her latest Puma collaboration in Paris, we knew we were in for a sweet treat. And Wednesday afternoon (September 28), our bad gal came through.

Pascal Le Segretain / Staff

The collection was markedly different from her work last season — for Fall/Winter 2016 she leaned heavily on the "goth" side of healthgoth aesthetics, the kind of angsty athleisure beloved by misunderstood teens. For Spring/Summer 2017, Rihanna looked to another misunderstood teen with an excellent (if misguided) sense of style: Marie Antoinette, a woman who really knew how to dress like a sentient macaroon. RiRi took her designer's bow dressed in a pink suit with laser-cut flowers and scalloped edges, waving a delicate fan printed with the Puma logo — very royal.

Everything was silk, satin, and a little fucked-up. Deconstructed edges, washed-out pastel tones, and the constant presence of corset lacing made all the sweatpants and sweatshirts look less like something you'd sweat in and more like something you'd wear before collapsing on an antique chaise lounge. Riri, c'est chic, non?