Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty Images

Harry Styles Poses For Approximately One Billon Photos In New Magazine Spread

The man can’t take a bad picture

You thought it couldn't get any better than three Harry Styles magazine covers — each with a different Mick Jagger–leaning hair cut, style, and angle. I thought so, too. But we were all wrong. So very wrong.

I know your heart is still reeling from the moment that Another Man Magazine dropped Harry's triple covers, but the issues have hit newsstands which means fans are posting snapshots of the interior pages to the web,'re going to want to brace yourself. It seems there are (approximately) one billion photos of Harry and not a single one is bad. (Duh.)

As the Another Man Instagram teased, Creative Director Alister Mackie drew inspiration from specific photos for much of the shoot; for example, a black-and-white photo of Mick Jagger getting a haircut directly inspired this photo of Harry from the spread. And since it's Harry, the fashion in each of the one trillion (rounding up) photos is A+. There's a sweater vest, a Muppet crewneck, a sheer shirt, and of course, leather chokers.

Not one frame is bad. He looks impossibly good falling. And giggling in a pasture. And when his eyes are welling up with tears — presumably at the mere thought of how much he loves you and how beautiful you are and how thankful he is to have you in his life omg harry i honestly feel the same way it's so crazy sorry wait are you still reading this am i still bl0gg1ng oh i am where's the backspace button haha????