The Weeknd XO / YouTube

The Weeknd Literally Murders His Former Self In The ‘Starboy’ Video

R.I.P. The Weeknd; long live Starboy

The Weeknd gets an alarmingly violent makeover in the video for his new single “Starboy.”

The singer revealed his new haircut last week on the cover of his forthcoming album of the same name, but in “Starboy,” he's not just getting a haircut — he's getting a whole new identity. The Weeknd faces off with his old self and ends up murdering the version of himself with the big hair.

He also uses a giant glowing cross to smash up his old self's apartment, trophy cases and all. And he makes friends with a panther who rides shotgun around the streets of L.A., just because.

The Weeknd is dead. Long live Starboy.