If You Think Your Vote Doesn't Matter, Jesse Williams Would Like A Word With You

‘You say vote because there are people who still don't want you to’

Actor and activist Jesse Williams continues to use his celebrity for important social causes, and his appearance on MTV's Total Registration Live special was no exception. Williams, along with director Joss Whedon, debuted a powerful new ad for Whedon's Save the Day super PAC, galvanizing young voters to “say vote” this election season. So if you think your vote won't matter, Williams has some compelling words for you.

“This is not about the White House,” he says in the PSA, directed by Whedon. “This is about your house. If you're not registered to vote, you can't sit on a jury. You can't choose your mayor. You can't choose your city council. You can't even choose your district attorney. You can't decide which measures will help your family and community, and which will put them at risk.”

“You say, ‘vote,’ because there are people who still don't want you to,” Williams adds, poignantly turning towards the camera.

Save the Day is a video production company dedicated to getting people registered to vote — and to the ballot box on November 8. Williams teamed up with Whedon for the second video in a series of star-studded online videos, the first of which assembled the Avengers and promised to get Mark Ruffalo naked in exchange for your votes. (It's your civic duty, America!)