Darren Gerrish / Contributor

Zayn Malik Is A Riddle Wrapped In An Enigma Wrapped In A Shearling Jean Jacket

If only someone could tame him

Zayn Malik hates the word “celebrity,” according to High Snobiety’s cover story (on newsstands now). He is also not a fan of words like “role model,” or “social media,” which seems, TBH, fair enough.

He is a fan of levitating, gravity-free games of heads-or-tails, and shooting bright light from his eyes, or at least that’s what he’s doing in the accompanying editorial.

He doesn’t sing any show tunes in the behind-the-scenes video, unfortunately (that behavior is reserved for quiet time with Gigi), but it’s a soothing watch anyway:

Heads or tails, Zayn?